About GRC

    The full name of GRC Gem Research Center is (Gem Research Center), established in 2005, with registered headquarters in Thailand. It is a laboratory dedicated to color gemstone identification, color grading, and origin research. Adhering to the operational core of "professionalism, comprehensiveness, and integrity", GRC Gem Laboratory has successively established laboratories in Thailand, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. Over the years, GRC Gem Laboratory has accumulated advantageous resources, keeping in mind the industry bottom line, and strictly implementing relevant quality inspection standards and management systems in various regions.


    GRC Gem Laboratory has a professional research team with rich experience in various fields and obtained professional qualification certificates required by the industry. Their service is professional and rigorous, and they can provide the best solutions according to customer needs. Equipped with a set of perfect, scientific and efficient identification processes, GRC Gem Lab is better at the detection and identification of Emerald, ruby and sapphire. It has cooperated with more than 3000 large-scale jewelry sales units, enjoys a high reputation in the world's major gem distribution centers, and is favored by professional jewelry players and jewelry operators.